The lotus sleeps in murky depths

alone, encased by filth

Shes longs, and wants and dreams of sky

yet water crushes her will

that bitter taste of waves abound

bring ebbing tides of rage

She reaches out, above and through

Her body furls and sways

Outstretched and tall she craves for air

that glow just out of reach

she struggles through and beats the rift

that kept her soul so meek

and as she holds the suns warm grasp she opens up to see

that all the struggle, want and pain

was only just her seed

her flowers dance above the tide and look beyond the shore

her majesty and colours bright

give way to  living core

emboldened now, her flowers reach and greet the days ahead

She clearly sees her life is now, free of woe and dread



– Kristina







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